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Tooling and Registration Products For Industrial Hole Punch Systems In Printing, Graphic, Electronic, and PCB design and Manufacturing

 Artwork Registration

 ACT has sold thousands of these popular artwork pinning tools. Every pin is CNC machined to .0005 on the pin dimension to perfectly match holes punched. We have standard sizes in stock or we can create a pin that will meet your specific needs.  Register pins are available in stainless steel, delrin plastic, and brass. 

Our pins are Sroesser & Burgess equivalent at a more affordable price.   

ACT provides Registrations Pins for:

  • PCB Design and Manufacturing 
  • University / College Graphic Art Programs
  • Industrial Hole Punch Systems

ACT specializes in custom sizes and configurations. If you have any "special need" please don't hesitate to fax/email us a print or a sketch of what you have in mind!

Phone:  215-672-6466 / 215-913-4841 
Fax: 215-572-8015
E-Mail: mailto:dean@actpins.com

Product Catalog

art work pinning tools:

ACT Film Punch

The ACT film punch is a sturdy precision tool.designed to accurately punch tooling holes into master and working copy photographic films that are to be pin registered.  Punches are available in round and oblong styles.  The ACT Film punch is made from "jig" grade aluminum, finished in black anodized coating.  Pre-punched films processed with custom designed pins will provide dollar saving benefits to board shops.

Button Tooling Pins: Standard sizes, Custom sizes, Custom Shoulder Styles, and Pointed Styles are available.

About Us

American Circuit Technology

Photo imaging is one of the critical steps in the manufacturing process for printed circuits. The quality of the finished product is determined by the care and attention given to the tools used in the photo room. With personnel who have worked in photo engineering for more than 20 years, American Circuit Technology is very familiar with many of the common registration problems caused by poorly designed registration pins and film punches. Fixed registration pins in your process eliminates the need for visual film alignment and taping films to panels. Pin registered panels will provide the repeatability needed to maintain critical tolerances for your production runs, large or small.

American Circuit Technology has designed a line of registration pins that are available in prototype and production quantities. Additionally, ACT provides personalized photo engineering services to meet your specific registration requirements.

Our registration pins and film punches can be custom engineered to your exact requirements.

 Contact information:

Dean McCellan                
215 Ruscombe Avenue
North Hills, PA 19038

Tel: 215-672-6466 -or- 215-913-4841
Fax: 215-572-8015
E-Mail: mailto:dean@actpins.com